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Russian Cuisine represents a great number of many cultural traditions that have been influenced over many centuries. However, the basic food of Russian cuisine is from ancient times and includes all kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, meat, dairy products, honey, fruits and berries, variety of wheat, barley, and rye grains.

Russian Daily Meals
Russian kitchen is the heart of Russian homes. Smells and dainties create a special atmosphere of comfort. It is the place where families gather for having meal, friends get together for chatting over a cup of tea and the guests are welcomed to feel the warmth of the national hospitality.

Usually, there are three meals of the day. But, depending on the place of living, they are organized and offered in different ways. The day starts with zavtrak (Breakfast). It is a very hearty meal. In Russia a breakfast usually includes eggs, sausages, cold cuts and cheese that are accompanied by bread slices with butter. Tea or coffee are important things on the morning table. Various hot cereals are popular especially for mothers and kids.

The second meal of the day is taken about 2 p.m. and called obed (dinner). Russian obed is the main meal of the day. Zakuski (appetizers) highlight the meal. Everyday zakuski are composed of light salads and pickles also it could be the caviar, the pickles or a smoked fish. Then soup goes—pervoe (first course). Soup consists of meat pieces in transparent broth. The vtoroye (main course) usually consists of meat or fish. The main dish is accompanied by a garnish: potatoes, rice, noodles and vegetables. Finally, the dessert comes! Tretye might be a piece of cake, fruits, chocolates or just candies.
The evening meal is served around 7 p.m. or later. It is called uzhin (supper) in Russia. Russian uzhin is similar to dinner, but without soup and dessert. Russians eat meat or fish with garnish for uzhin.
russian cuisinerussian cuisinerussian cuisine

Russian Soups
Russian traditional cuisine became famous for its first courses all over the world: schi, borsch, rassolnik, solyanka, okroshka, and ukha (fish soup).
Formerly, soup had been eating by wooden spoons. All villages were famous for their spoons of different forms. Wooden spoon is very good for first hot dishes because it’s not heated.