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c_840_500_16777215_00_images_tours_fokina_str_2.jpg Fokina street used to be named Peking street due to the First Convention of Peking dated November 02 (14) 1860 that defined the bounder between Russia and China. Later it was informally named Torgovaya (trading) street. Most of the goods sold there that time were from China. In 1964 it was renamed in honor of Admiral Fokin V.A. who had been commanding the Pacific Fleet for a long time. In 1991 most of the city streets got their historical names back but Fokina street didn’t.  In 1867 the street was laid down upon the city map for the first time.     

Nowadays Fokina street is non-officially named Arbat like Arbat in Moscow due to numerous shops, cafes, benches, historical buildings etc. located there. Residents of Vladivostok are fond of walking along Fokina street enjoying its historical atmosphere and the view of the sea that can be seen clearly.
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