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Vladivostok is a port city located in Russia (northeastern Asia), and on Golden Horn Bay (Sea of Japan).
It is among the ten most up and coming cities of the world, as determined by the UNESCO commission.
Of all the European-style cities it is the closest to the Asia Pacific.

Main Tours
Vladivostok half-day city tour (4 hours)
* Central square
*Souvenir shopping
* C-56 Submarine museum
* Nikolay Gate
*Eagle Nest Viewpoint


To fully enjoy Vladivostok you shouldn’t forget to explore the famous Russkiy Island. It is known as the main part of the coastal defence system of Vladivostok and a place with unforgettable nature.


Full day city tour + Russkiy island (6 – 8 hours)
Vladivostok is a place, where Asia meets Europe and we suggest you to make sure in it. During full day city tour you will get acquainted with central square, historical monuments, Voroshilovskaya battery and Fortress Museum, first real submarine museum C-56, participated in War. You will open new sides of Vladivostok from Eagle Nest viewpoint, Golden and Russkiy bridges. And no one acquaintance with Russian city can be hold without traditional Russian lunch and dinner!


The end of the Great Trans-Siberian Railway
The main route of the Trans-Siberian Railway begins in Moscow and then runs through the southern Siberia and ends in Vladivostok


Moscow – Vladivostok distance – 9288 km
Optional tours

Primorsky Stage of Mariinsky Theatre
It is one of the most modern theatres in Russia and in the Asia-Pacific Region.  Since 2016, in July - August  Primorsky Stage hosts the International Mariinsky Far East Festival.


The Primorye Entertainment Zone
 The only area in the Russian Far East where gaming and casino activities are permitted.


Primorsky Safari Park
Here you can see the nature of the region with the greatest diversity of species in Russia (Amur Tiger, Far Eastern Leopard, etc.)


Post Soviet Cuisine Experience
*Russian cuisine
Борщ, пирожки, пельмени и тд.


*Uzbek cuisine

Плов, Лагман9 

*Georgian cuisine
Хинкали, Шашлык, Долма


Asian Cuisine Experience

*Chinese cuisine11 

*Japanese cuisin12

*Korean cuisine

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