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Город: Vladivostok
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Trans-Siberian Railway


• ウラジオストク鉄道駅
• シベリア鉄道での短い旅行 (オケアンスカヤかウゴリナヤ駅)
• ヴァヴィーロフ屋敷 + 昼食 或いは ロシアダーチャ(別荘)訪問 或いは ロシア料理レストランでの昼食


 含まれること  輸送, ガイド, 昼食
 季節  一年中可能
 時間  朝に始まる
 輸送  ウラジオストク鉄道駅、観光地までと帰り道の輸送
 必要な物  夏:サングラス, サンスクリーン剤, 帽子;
 冬: 柔軟化粧水, リップバーム, 手袋, スカーフ
 必要な服  天気にふさわしい季節的な服
 難しさのレベル  下位レベル

  Transsib trip

ホテルで朝ごはんを食べた後でガイドに会ってウラジオストク鉄道駅へ輸送されます。この駅はシベリア鉄道の最後のポイント, 歴史と建築の記念碑, ウラジオストク市の象徴の1つとされています。この大事な場所から旅行しましょう。

Train window
シベリア鉄道というロシア象徴と観光客にとって面白いスポットから旅行しましょう。電車でオケアンスカヤかウゴリナヤ駅へ移動します。世界中有名なシベリア鉄道Let’s begin the trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway, the symbol of Russia and the spot which is so attractive for all tourist. You will get to the Okeanskaya or Ugolnaya station by the local train. Get the unique experience of travelling along the world-famous railway, admire views from the train window and take beautiful photos! 

After the trip you can choose one of these options:

 Vavilov manor1. Lunch at the Vavilov Manor. Have you always dreamt about visiting a traditional Russian manor house? This is your chance! You will walk around the beautiful garden, meet with the owner of the Manor, know the story of this place, visit the workshop of gingerbread art, observe the collection of traditional Russian clothes and will have a chance to buy some gingerbread as a souvenir.  
Right here we invite you for lunch cooked by the assistant of the Vavilov manor owner Tamara Grigoryevna. This is a classical homemade lunch. Enjoy Russian dishes in the classical Russian manor house! 

Hen2. Dacha visit. A place which so popular among the Russians… In a spring/summer/autumn period you can observe a vegetable garden. In winter you will get acquainted with the way people live here, talk to the owner of the dacha and listen to the story about her big family. This is also the right moment to taste homemade meal. If you come here in summer you can pick and cut vegetables for lunch by yourself. There is also the possibility to feed hens.

3. Lunch at one of Vladivostok restaurants. You will be transferred to a restaurant of Russian cuisine. It will include a fresh salad, some Russian soup like borshch, ukha or some other, the traditional second course (pelmeni, beef stroganoff or some other) and dessert. 


After lunch you will be transported to your hotel. 

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