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Все детали тура

Krabbe peninsula

Location: Khasansky District, Krabbe penisula
From Vladivostok: 266 km
Beach: Pebble
Opportunities: fishing, sauna, swimming pool, healing mud.
Excursions: walking tours, boat excursions

The group of ancient volcanoes which stopped their activity 50 mln years ago created the vision of this peninsula. This place is located in Khasansky District between Zarubino and Posyet villages. It was discovered in1863 by lieutenant colonel Babakin. Southwest part is rocky, northeast part is more sloping and washed by Novgorodskaya Bay. In the water there are a lot of wonderful rocks, grots and arches, so because of its beauty such parts of the peninsula are called Shore of a Stone tale.
Flora of Krabbe peninsula is rich, 44 plant species are listed in the Red Book. The most wonderful seasons of the beauty of the peninsula are May and August. In the clean, transparent water shrimp, mussels, trepang can be observed.
On the Krabbe peninsula, there are dozens of archaeological monuments of the Stone Age, the Middle Ages, also there are defensive structures of the 20th century on the island. Krabbe peninsula is full of secrets and mysteries.
On the peninsula there are recreation center “Krabbe”, summer houses, and the opportunity to place a tent.