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Nature and parks

Все детали тура

Lake Ptichye (Talmi) is located in Khasansky district in the interfluves of Bolotnaya and Tumannaya rivers. Ptichye (Talmi) lake is the largest in the Khasan region and the second largest in the Primorsky Krai. The lake communicates with the sea by a system of ducts, due to which the water in the lake has a salty taste. Communication with the sea is the reason for the dwelling of both freshwater and marine fish species in it.
The lake is shallow and the average depth is about 1.5 meters. The lake is separated from the sea by a sandy scythe. Its banks are severely rugged, low and swampy. There are two large peninsulas and two small islets. In the waters of the lake there are 17 kinds of fish. The place is attractive for hunters.
Rest, swimming, fishing, observing the nature