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Nature and parks

Все детали тура
Primorsky Safari Park, Russia The Primorsky Safari-park is a project of the Amursky tigr LLC that was founded in 1999. The Safari-park itself was organized in 2007 by the enthusiast Dmitry Mezentsev. In 2006 he rented a plot of land with an area of 8 hectares in Shkotovsky district and together with a son and a friend started to realize the project using their own resources. They dreamt about creating a place where people could observe wild animals, Siberian tigers, in particular, in their natural habitat. They wished to create “a bit of taiga”. The current area of the park is 16 hectares. This place is unique due to the fact that visitors can walk on the same territory with animals (except for predators and some ungulates) being not separated by any cages, barriers etc. The park is equipped with a bridge that serves for observing predators.     
Primorsky Safari Park, RussiaPrimorsky Safari Park, RussiaPrimorsky Safari Park, RussiaAll excursions are conducted by guides. This is a popular place among adults, schoolchildren, kids from kindergardens, boarding schools and others.
The Primorsky Safari-park activity is aimed at fulfilling the following tasks. 
  • To help unfortunate animals (orphans, sick, injured animals who cannot live in nature on their own);    
  • To show wild animals to people without cages, barriers, glass etc.;    
  • Environmental education (to share knowledge about animals and nature with people);    
  • Participation in programs concerning breeding and conservation of rare animal species. The Safari-park is a member of:    
-    The Euro-Asiatic Association of Zoos on Siberian tiger breeding;    
-    The European Association of Zoos on Amur leopard breeding;    
-    The Euro-Asiatic Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums on conservation of Steller's sea eagle;    

The Safari-park has also been making financial contributions to the Center of rehabilitation and reintroduction of tigers and other rare animals in Alekseevka settlement since 2013. In 2006 it donated 600 thousand rubles for the program of leopard reintroduction in Lazovsky district of Primorsky region.
  • To return animals who have recovered and become able to live in nature to their natural habitat.
Excursions around the safari park:

  Excursion No. 1   (Parks of tigers, the ungulates, leopards and bears)

Primorsky Safari Park, RussiaExcursion No. 1 comprises three Tiger parks. The total square of all three parks is 1 hectare. The size of the first one equals to the size of a big football field – 130 meters lengthwise and 50 meters widthwise. Its perimeter is 350 meters. The perimeter of the second park is 220 meters and of the third one is 105 meters. In one of these parks you can enjoy observing a tiger cub Sherkhan and a dog Tabaki playing.     
The Ungulates park area is about 5 hectares. It comprises 3 parks – winter, summer and autumn. While one park’s operating two others are usually closed in order to give the plants enough time to grow. Different kinds of ungulates peacefully coexist on the same territory. Nowadays over 5 species of wild ungulates of Primorye live here. It is also possible to see nice tame deer. They are not scared of people and it is allowed to feed, pat them and take photos. Food for ungulates is given for free. It is prohibited to bring your own food to the park. Along with the ungulates visitors can also see wild young pigs and tame rabbits. Be careful, because there is only one round path that is allowed to walk down. 

The Leopard park is 150 meters lengthwise and about 40 meters widthwise. Visitors can observe the animals from the bridge located at the height of 6 meters. The relief of the territory is perfect for them to live and breed as there are plenty of trees, flat land lots, picturesque rocks and caves. 

The Bear park is located close to the Leopard park. It is 80 meters lengthwise and 40 meter widthwise. Bears can be observed from the bridge, like leopards. The Bear park is located on the southern slope of the hill. Its lower part contains flatland with a summer pool for bears and the top part is full of rocks and stones. The relief of the park is quite hard for people to walk, but perfect for bears. Some of well-known residents of the park are Chuk and Nastya Asian black bears and Nastya female badger. 

At the point of entrance to the territory of the excursion No. 1 visitors can also observe squirrels, Eurasian jays, pheasants and many others.    

The length of the excursion No. 1 differs from 1160 to 1410 meters depending on the season. It usually lasts from 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes.

  Excursion No. 2   (Parks of predators and birds)

c_840_500_16777215_00_images_tours_safari-park_safari-park_9.jpgThe Predator park is home for 10 predator species. This is a fenced forest plot where you can see Asian black bear cubs, red wolves, raccoons, badgers, Amur leopard cats and many others. Animals are allowed to photograph but you cannot feed or touch them.     
21 species of birds inhabit the Bird park. They live in two big aviaries and fly over visitors’ heads. You can observe white-tailed eagles, eagle-owls, long-eared owls, large-billed crows and many others.

At the point of entrance to the territory you can see a squirrel, hedgehogs, a Russian tortoise and some other animals.

  Excursion No. 3   (The Lion park)

Primorsky Safari ParkThe Lion park is a new section of the Safari-park. Its territory is located at the distance of 300 meters from the old territory of the park. Here you can walk around as long as you want because excursions are not conducted. Its total area is 7 hectares. Currently this park is inhabited by African lions, cougars and lynxes. As usual, you can observe these kinglike animals from the bridge. You can also meet flying squirrels, collared scops-owls, white-naped cranes and some domestic animals such as rabbits, hens and goatlings in a special yard.