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Nature and parks

Все детали тура


Location: Khasansky district, Andreevka village
From Vladivostok: 240 km
Beach: Sandy

Opportunities: fishing, diving, photography, swimming pools, kiting, cafes, restaurants, rent of catamarans, ATV.
Excursions: boat walks, excursions, horse rides, visiting lighthouse Gamova.
Trinity Bay is a beautiful and large bay of the Khasansky district. The Trinity bay is located in the north-eastern part of Posyet Bay of Japan Sea, between Cape Slychkova and Cape Stenin. The width at the entrance is 1.7 km. Depth ups to 30 m.
For the first time, it was mapped on the map in 1862 by an expedition of Lieutenant colonel Babkin. It was Holy Trinity day (Orthodox holiday) when the bay was discovered.
Warm waters, mild climate, magnificent nature of Primorsky Krai have been traditionally attracting many tourists from all over Russia. This is an excellent holiday destination for those who like active leisure in Primorye and sea fishing in Primorye. Vacationers are attracted by clean sea water, a huge sandy beach, and a shallow water area. This place is suitable for vacation with children. In Andreevka there are numerous recreation centers of Primorsky Krai, as well as hotels of the private sector.
In Trinity Bay there are recreation centers, summer houses, and the opportunity to place a tent.