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Все детали тура
The excursion includes:
•    Zoo (Vladivostok suburbs)  •    Primorsky region aquarium + dolphin show
•    The Vavilov manor house •    Millionka
•    Petting zoo     •    Fokina street
•    Butterfly house •    The Central Square
•    Cat cafe •    Russian souvenir shop
•    Circus backstage tour (depends on the circus schedule) •    S-56 submarine museum
  •    The Triumphal Arch

Excursion details:
Includes Transfer, guide, tickets, lunch, dinner
Season Available all year round
Time Starts in the morning
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel, spots and the airport
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat;     
Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm, scarf, mittens;
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather
Difficulty level Low-difficulty
Day 1After breakfast in the hotel you will be transported to the Railway station from where you will be transferred to the zoo by the suburban train. It’s your chance to experience the trip by a part of the Trans-Siberian Railway and enjoy views from the train window.
The zoo that will be your first spot to visit initially was a travelling circus. Nowadays it gladdens residents of Primorsky region thanks to about 200 local and exotic animals and birds. You can see how bears “taking a bath”, tigers in the pool, little pigs and many-many other cute animals! This zoo also helps animals in trouble and brings them back to the natural habitat.

The Vavilov Manor house, which is quite close to the zoo, is the spot well-known among foreign tourists. Here you can go inside a real Russian manor house, meet with its owner, visit the museum of Russian clothes, the workshop of gingerbread art, the bakery and have delicious Russian cuisine lunch.
Day 2In the evening after a short rest in the hotel you will have dinner in one of Vladivostok restaurants of Russian cuisine. Enjoy Russian food that you’ve always dreamed about! Borsch, potato with cutlets, traditional drinks of Russia – everything is here!
Day 3One building – three spots! The next day you will start from breakfast and visiting the petting zoo where you can not only not only look at cute animals but also touch and feed them. Here you and your children can communicate with raccoons, hedgehogs, pigs and many-many others! Friendly animals are waiting for you!  

In the same building with the petting zoo you will visit the Vladivostok city aquarium. Here you’ll have the chance to observe some rare fish species living only in Primorsky region and also some tropical seas and oceans.

After we invite you to visit the butterfly house. This is the place where you can enjoy the magnificent view of tropical butterflies. They can even fly up to you and sit on your arm, shoulder or head. You can also observe the collection of spiders, scorpions, turtles, lizards and others.  
 Vladivostok zooVladivostok zooVladivostok zoo
It’s perfect time to have a rest now. Let’s enjoy lunch and the atmosphere of a local Russian cuisine restaurant and taste some new dishes that you haven’t tried before!

Any cat lovers among you? Enjoy visiting the cat-café! You can observe funny cats, play with them and take photos. You are also welcome to treat yourself with tea or coffee with cookies. 

In our city you also have the unique chance to take a backstage tour to the city circus. You will watch rehearsal of acrobats and clowns, observe the animals and know some interesting facts about the Vladivostok state circus. However it is only part of the story. You can also visit the circus museum and track its development and history!

All visitors of Primorsky region and Vladivostok try to taste local seafood because our region is best known for cultivating scallops, Kamchatka crabs, mussels and many other sea creatures. In one of local restaurants you will have the great opportunity to have delicious seafood dinner and enjoy its unique unusual design and atmosphere!   

On the last day we invite you to see the dolphins and walk around the Primorsky aquarium - the third biggest one in the world. Here you will not only observe numerous representatives of all oceans and climatic zones but also watch the show by dolphins, walruses, belugas and many other talented star aquarium inhabitants!

Having come back to Vladivostok you will have lunch in the local Russian cuisine restaurant. Let’s have a meal before the excursion around our city that will start after.

Vladivostok zooVladivostok zooVladivostok zoo
We invite you to start the excursion from Millionka. This is a labyrinth of old brick constructions that used to be ruled by the Chinese diaspora from 1900 till 1930. It’s a popular place for promenades now but in the past it was a terrifying place with drug dealers, gambling houses and others.

Fokina street that is located very close to Millionka is very popular among Vladivostok residents. Here you can meet street musicians, feed pigeons sitting on a cozy bench, drink coffee in one of local small cafes or buy souvenirs.

The next spot is the must for all visitors of Vladivostok. The Central square is the place for conducting all main city events such as fairs, concerts etc. It also has the monument to the Fighters for the Soviet Power – the biggest one on the Russian Far East. It is not only the calling card of the city but also the historically important spot.

Right here, on the Central Square, you are welcome to the Russian souvenir shop. It is so popular among foreign tourists that at the entrance you can hear greetings on different languages. This is understandable because inside you will find the great collection of matryoshka, Russian winter fur caps, traditional wooden mugs and spoons and many other things that won’t leave you indifferent.
Day 4One more well-known spot is S-56 submarine museum. It was used for real military campaigns during the Second World War and became the museum later. So, you can feel the atmosphere of the real Soviet submarine as many of its compartments were saved in their original form. Next to this submarine you will also observe the eternal flame that was made to hold the memory of soldiers – the war victims.

Vladivostok is also well-known for its historical constructions and one of them, the Triumphal Arch, is located just a couple of steps from S-56. This was the present for the crown prince Nickolas when he visited our city in 1891. The Arch was reconstructed but nowadays it has its original look and represents classical Russian architecture of the 19th century.

Vladivostok zooVladivostok zooVladivostok zoo
Let’s eat something tasty. Have dinner and enjoy Russian food one more time!
As soon as you finish your breakfast you will meet with the guide and be transported to the airport to check-in. 

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