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Все детали тура
safari park
The program includes: Excursion details:
Includes Transfer, guide, tickets, lunch
Season Available all year round
Time Recommended to start at 09:00
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel, the Safari park, Shtykovskie prudy art-park and back
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat;
Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather
Difficulty level Medium-difficulty
c_840_500_16777215_00_images_tours_safari-park_safari-park_13.jpgYou will meet with a guide and go to the Safari park. This is a very unique place for Primorsky region and Russia in general because it gives a chance to observe wild animals without any barriers or cages from the bridge along the whole perimeter of the territory. Last year the park celebrated its 10th anniversary. Nowadays about 70 species of Primorsky region animals inhabit it. This spot is very interesting for adults and children.
c_840_500_16777215_00_images_tours_safari-park_safari-park_14.jpgIn the Safari-park you can participate in 3 programs. The first one includes parks of tigers, ungulates, leopards and bears. During the second excursion you will visit parks of predators and birds. The third one includes the lion park. Excursions start every 20 minutes. The Primorsky Safari-park is so popular that many Russian and foreign TV channels come here to get materials for their documentary films. 
c_840_500_16777215_00_images_tours_shtykovskie_ponds_shtykovskie_ponds_10.jpgAfter visiting the Safari-park we invite you to the Shtykovskie prudy art-park to have lunch. You can eat at one of the cafes operating here. Cafes with Russian, Italian and other cuisines are available. There is also a restaurant of home-style cooking and kids cafe.
Having finished the program you will come back to your hotel.

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