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Все детали тура
Photo by Inga Kotlyarskaya
The program includes the following spots:

 • Visits to local villages on the way to Arsenyev town (depends on the season)  • The Vesyolaya arena children’s circus studio (depends on the studio schedule)
 • Arsenyev town  • The Cathedral of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary
 • Uvalnaya Hill (the town viewpoint)  • The Progress aircraft factory
 • Arsenyev town history museum  • Transfer to Vladivostok with photo stops

Excursion details:

 Includes  Transfer, guide, tickets, lunch, dinner
 Season  Available all year round
 Time  Recommended to start in the morning 
 Pick up and drop off  Transfer to Arsenyev town and back
 What to bring  Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat;
 Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm, mittens, scarf;
 Necessary clothes  Seasonal clothes according to the weather 
 Dfficulty level  Low-difficulty

Day 1
Together with our guide you will be transferred to Arsenyev town. On the way over the bus will stop in some villages, so you will have a chance to visit local farm markets (depending on the season) and take memorable photos on the background of flower (in summer or spring) or snow fields. On your way to the town you will also have lunch in one of local restaurants.
Flower field
After arriving to the town and check-in our guide will conduct a short observation excursion around Arsenyev town. This is a small developing town with excellent ski trails, archeological monuments and unusual flora. It is also famous as a producer of aviation equipment. Later you will have dinner in the hotel restaurant.
Day 2Uvalnaya hillAs soon as you finish breakfast in the hotel you will start the excursion program. The first spot to visit will be Uvalnaya Hill which is one of the city viewpoints, not far from which you will find monuments to Vladimir Arsenyev (the main researcher of the Far East) and Dersu Uzala (a hunter that accompanied Arsenyev during his dangerous expeditions). This is a great opportunity to observe the town from the top and see famous monuments.

Arsenyev museumHaving come back you will visit the museum of Arsenyev town history. This is the admitted center of culture keeping not just the town history but also the history of Primorsky region. You will get acquainted with flora and fauna of Primorye and observe some exhibits from the period of the Great Patriotic War. This is your chance to visit the museum holding over 100 000 depository items!

Vesyolaya arenaLater we invite you to enjoy the performance by young students of the Vesyolaya arena children’s circus studio. This school of circus art is considered unique and has become a calling card of not just Arsenyev town but also of the whole Primorsky region. These shows include juggling, acrobatic and many other acts and deservedly named the “firework of miracles”! 

Cathedral of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Let’s continue the excursion around Arsenyev town places of interest and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Cathedral of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is one of the most valued churches of Primorsky region and the main one of the large Arsenyev Eparchy.
Dinner in Arsenyev

We invite you to relax and have lunch in one of Arsenyev town restaurants. Let’s have a good time and enjoy delicious food after the long walk! 

Aircraft factoryAfter lunch you will continue exploring remarkable spots of the town and see the Progress aircraft factory. It is one of the biggest enterprises of the aerospace industry of the Russian Federation and the Arsenyev town symbol. As this is the strategically important facility tourists are not allowed inside but you will have a chance to look at the factory producing aviation equipment that has been demonstrated at international exhibitions many times!  


Having finished the excursion you will be transferred to Vladivostok. On the way over the bus will stop at the most beautiful spots so you will have a chance to enjoy Russian nature and take nice photos. You will also have dinner in one of local restaurants.    

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