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Все детали тура
c_840_500_16777215_00_images_tours_cross-country.jpg Do you plan to visit Vladivostok in winter? We’ve got a nice offer for you!     
(Please, note that the excursion depends on weather conditions).    

You can do skiing at one of the following destinations:
•    De-Friz peninsular
•    Skrebtsova island (Kovrizhka)    
•    The Kosmos camp (De-Friz peninsular)
•    Russky island and Fortress No. 12
•    Truda bay

Excursion details:
Includes Transfer, guide, instructor, ski equipment (ski, ski poles and boots)
Season Available in winter period
Time Recommended start in the morning
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel and the walk starting point
What to bring Skin moisturizer, lip balm, scarf, mittens
Necessary clothes Skiing suit (or other clothes suitable for skiing), warm socks
Difficulty level Medium-difficulty

Cross-country skis are suitable for people of all ages and any fitness condition. Our instructor will teach you all necessary techniques and tricks. Skiing is very good for fitness, immune stimulation, heart-vascular system, etc. After walk you will be treated with hot ginger tea. You can also take photos during the walk.     

Our guide will meet you at the hotel and accompany to the walk starting point according to the destination you chose. Possible routes:
De-Friz peninsular. This is a picturesque route just 10 minutes away from Vladivostok. It combines the seaside and the forest areas so you can admire two different locations during one single trip! 

Skrebtsova island (Kovrizhka). This is the picturesque island in the Amur bay 2 km away from Vladivostok. It is named Kovrizhka (a honey-cake) for its triangle shape. Nowadays the island is considered wild as it’s not inhabited. Quite intriguing, isn’t it?   

The Kosmos camp. The coastline and the forest views are waiting for you! Nowadays this camp is abandoned but you still can observe run-down constructions and amusement rides while skiing. 

Russky island and Fortress No. 12. This is a beautiful route running through the forest to the Fortress No. 12 on Russky island. This is a chance to admire fascinating scenes of Paris cove and Vladivostok bridges (Golden and Russky).
Truda bay. The picturesque route around the Truda bay which is famous for its ship breaking yard. You will be able to see not only this unusual place but also the lighthouse and the desert island located nearby.  

Having finished you exciting ski trip you are invited to try dishes of Russian cuisine in one of Vladivostok restaurants OR visit a Russian family and have lunch with them. Russian lunch usually includes some salad from fresh vegetables or an appetizer, a soup (borscht, rassolnik, shi, etc.), the second course (pelmeni, beef stroganoff, potato with fish, etc.) and some dessert.    

In the evening you can relax in a sauna. Our city can provide you with saunas of different types. You can play billiards, get a massage or swim in comfortable pools. Let yourself relax after the active day!     

When all activities are finished you will be delivered to the airport where our guide will accompany you all the time till the enplanement.

Experts of the inbound department:

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